GRIT hose PVC- ống hút hạt cát, hạt mài

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Mô tả ngắn gọn: grit hose

Application       :

Ship-building Yard And Ships

Suction And Discharge For Sand, Gravel, Cement And Iron etc

Transfer Of Various Powder And Granule

 Suction And Press-transfer Of Various Grains

Characteristics   :Soft PVC Compound And Rigid PVC Helix Have Been Developed Specially And Produced.  Therefore, Excellent Abrasion Heat And Cold Resistance

Structure            : The Design Is Similar To The Low Pressure Flexible Hose Of High Flexibility. It Is Made By Fusion. Adhesion Together With The Specially Developed Materials To Meet With The Properties Of Abrasion And The Duration Against Tube And Cover Pressure



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